Argentina Hunting Water buffalo close to Buenos Aires, doves unlimited all included package


The Wild Boar is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. Currently wild boars are hunted both for their meat and to mitigate any damage they may cause to crops and forests. A charging boar is considered exceptionally dangerous quarry, due to its thick hide and dense bones, making anything less than a kill shot a potentially deadly mistake. In the modern era, boar hunting is also referred to as hog hunting or even pig hunting. Wild boar hunts are still popular in countries such as Italy, Germany, Poland, Argentina and Russia.
Our hunting ares for wild boar are Buenos Aires and Entre Rios.


Given that Argentina is a republic, each of the provinces has prerogatives to apply their own rules and regulations regarding hunting and fishing and to fix different tariffs of their own licenses. Even that the exact starting and finishing dates of the hunting seasons change according to each region, in general terms big game hunting can be done almost through out the year except red stag and fallow deer which shed the antlers around August.
Our hunting areas for axis deer are Entre Rios and La Pampa, and Red Deer Buenos Aires.


Some ethnic groups, such as Batak and Toraja in Indonesia and the Derung in China, use water buffalo or kerbau (called horbo in Batak or tedong in Toraja) as sacrificial animals at several festivals. In Argentina, many game ranches raise water buffalo for commercial hunting, we knows the best of them, so we offer here to you. We wait you soon.
Our hutning areas for water buffalo are Entre Rios and Buenos Aires.

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